Pilot Music Business Services

Pilot Music Business Services of New York, ensures you have the clearance to use the music that makes your films and shows stand out. The Music Industry is not a side-line at Pilot, it's a lifelong passion. Pilot helps you clears music to enhance your production in any and all media.

Comprehensive Network

Our company works daily with top artists, artist management teams, record labels, and law firms in the music industry. We have built strong relationships with key decision makers, and as a result, are able to negotiate the best possible deals. Each and every day, our team communicates with key personnel.

We are swift with even the toughest of music clearances, including new artists and new compositions. Often these titles are not yet registered with the PROs (Publishing Rights Organizations) for Synchronization Licensing or even released to the general markets. Eliminating the pitfalls in music clearance administration, research, and negotiations is our specialty.

Cost Effective

As a highly active team, we offer quick, customized and cost-effective music licensing services, the most common type being Synchronization Rights. We service all types of clients such as television and film producers, networks, cable TV and Internet companies, advertising agencies, composers, Internet producers, corporate and promotional event planners, and broad rights for theatrical Broadway Theater use.

Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

When you work with Pilot Music, you work with consistent and experienced teams. We are some of the top specialists in the Music Licensing Industry.

Our staff members have been with us for years and stay with us. Each Department Director has been with Pilot Music for fifteen years or more.

We maintain our clients and our staff offers detailed oriented, expertise, accuracy, longevity and consistency in Sync Licensing Administration and all areas of our services.

About Our Founder, Woodie Stevenson

Pilot Music Business Services officially opened in 1998 in New York City. Founded by Woodie Stevenson, our company offered a lifetime of experience from day one. This is all thanks to a musical journey that began with Woodie as a child musician and performer.

Woodie's industry experience developed at first through family, as two of Woodie's relatives are prominent rock/pop music producers. Woodie spent much of her young adult years backstage or sitting in on sessions with superstars, including Jimmy Hendrix, Alice Cooper, KISS, Hall and Oates, and Steve Perry.

As an active contributor to the Industry, Woodie is a regular panelist, writes articles, and speaks at industry conferences.