Cue Sheet Submission Methods by PROs

Accurate cue sheet submission is fundemental to your Publishing Synchronization Agreements

Each Licensee is required to submit cue sheets, along with the execution copies of Publishing Agreements. Please follow the below methods for swift and accurate cue sheet submission, in addition to the directions as described in your Pilot summary letter. You receive directions with all agreements negotiated by us, on your behalf.



Cue Sheet Format: Use Rapid Cue template. See cue sheet requirements for ASCAP, download cue sheet templates via Cue Sheet Corner.

Submission Method:  Electronic submission via Rapid Cue is the preferred method. Alternatively, you may email cue sheets to ASCAP at, or Rapid Cue at

Please note: ASCAP accepts cue sheets directly from Licensees (Networks and/or Production Companies, podcasts) and cannot accept cue sheets directly from members unless the source of the submission can be substantiated.  If you wish to provide a substantiated submission, please forward the email from which you received a cue sheet (i.e., the Licensee) to ASCAP for their review.  Cue Sheets and Airing Schedules can be submitted to” – Per Cue Sheet Corner

“If you have not received royalties for a television or film performance of your work, you should notify ASCAP by submitting a Member Service Inquiry via Member Access (use the Category "Performance Claims" and the Topic "Domestic Television Performance Claim"). Please provide as much information as possible (e.g. program, work title, station(s), performance dates, etc.) to ensure ASCAP staff can research your claim thoroughly and respond to your Inquiry” – Per Cue Sheet Corner.


Cue Sheet Format: Utilize Rapid Cue template. You can read more about BMI’s cue sheets and download cue sheet templates via What is A Cue Sheet.

Submission Method: Electronic submission via Rapid Cue is preferred. You can also email to


Cue Sheet Format: Accepts multiple formats including the Rapid Cue template as long as the cue sheet lists (writer(s), publisher(s), affiliation(s), share(s), usage, and duration). If using an excel cue sheet, please only provide one cue sheet per file and refrain from using multiple tabs for different cue sheets.

Submission Method: Email the cue sheet or use Rapid Cue.

Global Music Rights (GMR)

Cue Sheet Format: Utilizes the current Rapid Cue template.

Submission Method: Please email cue sheets to and all three contacts below.